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My First Podium

Meet Kathy! Kathy resides near Steamboat Springs, CO and has been riding bikes since childhood. She's a bundle of energy, focus and determination on the bike which is no surprise since we discovered she's a business owner and Certified Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach. We were relieved she didn't judge us when the peanut butter M & M's may have come out before lunch during our retreat. Whew!

When participants register for our retreats, we ask each of them this question:

Why did you register for this bike retreat?

We really want to get to the heart of their "why", because it is so essential to their story and in helping us understand their perspective when they arrive. When we asked Kathy this question, she responded with a clear call to action.

Where were you at prior to our Retreat in April 2022?

In Kathy's (abbreviated) words:

"I've loved biking since I was 12, but I'm at the mountain bike more and improve or get a gravel bike stage. My husband and I enjoy riding together and I don't want to give it up.
Can you help me get past that?"

Favorite Retreat Moments

The ugly cry that changed everything. All the fear just bubbled out, more than I ever knew I had, and I could move forward.

Many times that weekend, I reminded myself to trust the coaches, as they were just as engaged in keeping me safe and helping me grow as I was. This let me quiet the scared voice in my head and do so many things that were not even possibilities before retreat.

Mindset Tools you’re using now

  • Eyes forward (or tits up, really), power pose, and visualization.

  • I have a picture from the retreat of a trail feature that I just could not imagine riding.

  • I've been slowly working on it and I'm going back this fall to do it!

Post Retreat Highlights

After the retreat, I signed up for the local race series as a novice, mostly to keep myself accountable to riding regularly. Last week, I finished the last race and I won the series!

What’s your secret recipe to being strong on the bike?

Consistency in my workouts, eating good food and getting a tune up from my PT before a little injury or ache becomes a chronic thing that interferes with my training.

What brings you joy off the bike?

My family, helping clients succeed at their goals, being outside.

Anything else you’d like to share?

I've been riding for 25+ years but had just gotten tips from my husband, who is well intentioned, but doesn't have the coaching experience to break down the skills. Riding together is so much fun now! He is amazed at how much faster I am on the downhill, I look forward to riding a lot more!

I had never taken a clinic and I wish I had done this a long time ago.

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