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Shannon's Story

Shannon Casson
Founder & Chief Possibility Officer

Shannon is a trusted expert who sees potential in everyone and helps you realize it. She launched The Desert Dose to help more women become the best version of themselves.

Shannon believes in the power of community and relationship building and is on a mission to help you crush your goals and live your best life. 

After a childhood filled with play, she went on to play basketball at the collegiate level, where she learned how powerful mental practice is both on and off the court. She bought herself a mountain bike as her college graduation gift and has never looked back. 

While her 15+ years of service in the field of education and sport guides her approach, it's her relentless desire to help others alongside her sense of humor that shines when she's in her element. 

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Shannon's Credentials & Accomplishments

  • PMBIA Certified Mountain Bike Instructor

  • BICP Certified Mountain Bike Instructor

  • Women's Mountain Bike Coach, 15+ yrs

  • K-12+ PE & Health Educator, 15 + yrs

  • Former Little Bellas Program Lead

  • Girls on the Run Mesa County Board Member

  • Seth Godin's altMBA

  • Kinesiology, Master of Teaching PE & Health

  • Colorado Teaching License: PE & Health

  • Core Power Yoga 200 Hour Yoga Certification

  • Wilderness First Aid Certification

  • Marathoner.

  • Grand Canyon R2R. 

Jenn Hess

Mountain Bike Coach

Jenn is a BICP Level 2 certified mountain bike coach and has been coaching youth and adults for over 10 years. Jenn's main goal in life is to get more kids and women on bikes. She loves pushing the limits and helping other riders gain confidence on the bike. Be warned because Jenn's optimism and positivity is contagious!

Ever heard of the Rowdy Gowdy? Yep, she's the vision and creator behind that incredible women's bike camp in Wyoming!

She believes that any day on two wheels is a good day, especially if friends are involved. 

We should also mention that Jenn is a rad and extremely skilled mountain biker (a.k.a. rockstar) who loves taking the steep lines and when you ride with Jenn, you'll notice she has the most infectious laugh and never stops smiling. 


"I love pushing the limits and helping other riders gain confidence on the bike." 

-Jenn Hess

Brooke Goudy

Mountain Bike Coach

Brooke Goudy is an athlete and bicycle advocate. She is the operational manager and owner of Rowdy Goudy, a health and wellness organization dedicated to introducing cycling to women of color and redefining what it means to participate in active living. Brooke's love for biking extends to conservation and advocacy for trails, and she serves as member of the board of directors for Boulder Mountainbike Alliance.

Brooke has worked as an assistant coach for a number of organizations on the Colorado Front Range and has held clinics across the United States. She has a great passion for riding in the dirt, but her greatest joy comes from introducing women to the joy of mountain biking. 

She participated in her first Desert Dose experience in 2022


"My greatest joy comes from introducing women to the joy of mountain biking." 

-Brooke Goudy

Heather Hendrie

Joy Retreat Coach

Heather Hendrie is a Whistler nature-based therapist and writer originally from Guelph, Ontario who has lived in Cusco, Costa Rica, California, Colorado, and the Canadian Rockies before calling British Columbia home.

Heather holds a Bachelor of Kinesiology degree in Outdoor Pursuits from the University of Calgary, and a Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counselling with a concentration in Transpersonal Wilderness Therapy from Naropa University.

Heather’s intimate writing style draws on her varied life experiences and work as a clinical counsellor to remind us all that in our tough or embarrassing moments, we are not alone.
Heather’s first best-selling anthology, awfully hilarious: stories we never tell, won the Canadian Book Club Awards readers' choice for best anthology in 2023. The second anthology in the series, period pieces, tells truths in an attempt to end shame around menstruation and menopause.

Heather considers herself to be an expert in play and JOY, and her inner child is obsessed with wearing all of her favourite patterned clothes at once.


"When we let our longing lead us, and lean into joy, well - it’s hard to go ‘wrong‘! And even if you do, you’ll have a great time along the way!" 

-Heather Hendrie

Lisa Marno

Mountain Bike Coach

Lisa lives for epic adventures and has always taken the road less traveled. She's a kind, brave and humble all around bad ass. There's zero doubt that Lisa loves to ride bikes! 

She has been sharing her enthusiasm for 10+ years, got certified before all the cool kids were doing it, and has coached the whole gamut from grommets (including her own two) high school racers, college students, and adults. She got certified to coach back before all the cool kids were doing it.

Lisa is inspiring and strong (we've put rocks in her pack to slow her down) and her eyes light up with passion when she coaches. We're grateful she sharing her gift with each of you! 

Lisa Marno.heic

"My bike is my adventure, it is my joy, my challenge. It connects me to others and brings me to my most authentic self." 

-Lisa Marno

Faye Rogers

Retreat Chef

Faye is originally from Arkansas but fell in love with the desert at a young age and has finally made it her home with her husband, two cats, and one old dog. She has worked on trail crews, chainsaw crews, in fancy kitchens and outdoor stores. She has her bachelor’s degree in nursing and worked in the ICU through Covid times. Currently she works as a licensed massage therapist and is pursuing further education in cranial sacral therapy and body based trauma work. Some of her other passions are trail running, rock climbing, painting, and making good food. She is excited to share meals outdoors and a be a part of the Desert Dose team!

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