bike Skill & endurance
level ratings

Prior to your retreat we'll send you a skills and endurance assessment to learn the juicy details. 

Bike Skill Level Rating


  • You have ridden a mountain bike on dirt trails several times and you're pumped to learn *all the things* about this awesome sport. 

  • You're practicing the timing of your shifting and that whole balance thing. 

  • While descending you are working on putting weight into your feet and standing up on those pedals. 

  • You know your front from your rear brake and you'd like to learn more. 


  • Flowy and smooth green trails are your happy place.

  • You're getting a handle on those brakes, making progress on shifting and feeling a bit more in control. 

  • You're managing wider switchbacks and rolling over some obstacles that are 6-12 inches high although sometimes you might know exactly how it happened. 

  • You're not yet confident in steeps and most rocky or rooty technical trail sections. 


  • You ride green and most blue trails confidently and find some black trails fun. You walk some technical sections, ride 50% of switchbacks and like that seat post dropper.

  • You want to conquer those 1-2 ft high ledges and dial in those front wheel lifts. 

  • You want to work on steeper descents and navigating technical terrain.  

  • You're curious to get your wheels off the ground more than a 1-2 ft high cuz it looks fun! 


  • You comfortably ride aggressive terrain and black trails comfortably and in control with a smirk on your face.

  • You climb up technical terrain like a billy goat and have those slow speed switchback skills dialed.

  • You confidently hop or wheel lift over large obstacles and might be found going back to try a harder line just for fun. 

  • You're sending it on large drops and clearing table tops over 4 feet.

Endurance Level Rating

Level1: Gecko

  • You strive for 1-3 hours of exercise a week.

  • You get out to mountain bike or exercise ast a moderate pace 3-4 times a month.

  • You can handle shorter rides that are under an hour on mostly flat or rolling terrain. 

Level 2: Meerkat

  • You average 3-4 hours of exercise or mountain biking a week. 

  • Your max ride time is usually around 2 hours on green and mellow blue trails at a relaxed pace. 

  • You're good with short bursts of climbing with a few rest breaks mixed in. 

Level 3: Antelope

  • Your typical week includes 4-5 hours of mountain biking or exercise.

  • You can ride at a steady pace on 2-3 hours on blue trails with a few black trails mixed in. 

  • Climbing is now part of your mountain bike routine and you can handle sustained climbs tossed in your rides. 

Level 4: Lion

  • You aim for 5 - 6 + hrs exercise a week. 

  • You can ride black-rated trails with significant climbs consecutive days in a row for 3-4 hours.

  • Your rechargeable battery hardly ever gets drains. 

  • On occasion, your friends have even put cans of peaches in your pack to try to slow you down. But it didn't work and you just ate their peaches. 


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