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women's sunrise
solsticE event
FRIday, june 21, 2024
5:15 am

Lunch loops: tabeguache trailhead

You're officially invited to celebrate the Summer Solstice with us by saying Yes to our Flow & Ride Event.

We are holding this free community event to connect, flow and ride with local women.

All abilities are welcome. 


5:15 Arrival & Welcome

5:30 Intention Setting and Short Meditation with Lynnea at DarcMoon

5:45 Sun Salutations with Melissa Asay

5:45 Group Rides w The Desert Dose

7:15 Après Treats Trailside provided by Kulina Lani

All participants will join together for a whole group intention setting and short meditation led by Lynnea with DarcMoon. Then each participant chooses either Yoga with Melissa OR a Group Ride with The Desert Dose. 

Intention Setting with Lynnea at DarcMoon

Lynnea from DarcMoon will guide us through setting intentions for the Summer Solstice! Then, she will lead a meditation which will allow us to seal our intentions as a community. You will be gifted a rock for this simple meditation. 

Yoga Flow & Sun Salutations

Join us to deepen your understanding of this ancient yogic tradition and harness the power of the sun to illuminate your brightest, highest self. Flood your system with warming, masculine, life-giving solar energy this Summer Solstice with an invigorating flow of Surya Namaskar, or Sun Salutations, as we greet the sun at the desert’s edge.

Group Rides with The Desert Dose

Join Shannon and other volunteer Ride Leaders for a social no drop ride to pedal into the sunrise.


Several route variations* on Lower Lunch Loop Trails will be offered:

BLUE: Hop Skip Jump - Yes N Dee Dee - Noreaster - Big Sister - Noreaster - Hop Skip Jump

BLUE: Yes N Dee Dee - Time Machine - Leftover Lane - Curt's Down / Yes N Dee Dee

BLUE-BLACK: Pet E Kes - High Noon - Miramonte / Rim Loop - Curt's Down

*Routes may be modified to accommodate riders and time available. 

All abilities are welcome. 


This free event is a fundraiser for COMING SOON.

Suggested Donation: $20 with any/all donations appreciated. 

Art Supply

Coming Soon


Lynnea is owner/creator of DarcMoon, an international Mala & Gemstone jewelry business. The ancient art of hand-tying Malas with gemstones is her favorite creative expression as an artist. A lover of nature and the outdoors, community and travel are major sources of inspiration for her art.  


We create shared outdoor experiences for women that forge new relationships and foster connections.

Using the mountain bike as a catalyst for growth, we stretch our comfort zones and create a pathway for women to become the best version of themselves, both on and off the bike.


We are grateful for the community support of Kulina Lani Organic Sourdough Bakery. Kulina Lani brings back old world knowledge and science in a most delicious and convenient way. If you haven't tried their breads, pastries or sandwiches we highly recommend a weekly visit to them. 

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