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Saying Yes To Your First Women’s Group Ride

There’s deep-rooted trail magic when joining a women’s group ride. Aside from the initial excitement of adding to your social calendar, women + bikes are solid ground for fun-to-be-had and forging new friendships. While family, co-ed or solo rides are enjoyable too, there’s a unique and special shared experience when women choose to show up and pedal together.

WHY SAY YES The opportunity to connect and socialize with incredible women who value biking is a gift and a vote for self-care. With each pedal stroke you release endorphins and soak up the nature you’re immersed in. Plus, you’re likely to learn something new about your bike community (and consider getting involved) and see new lines on the trail you hadn’t noticed before.

By joining the ride, you’re saying yes to a beautiful trifecta of connection, learning and an endorphin dose.

HOW TO FIND A WOMEN’S GROUP RIDE Contact your local bike shops and trail advocacy groups. If they don’t already host them, they’ll likely point you in the right direction. If your community doesn’t yet have a women’s ride, well, what a brilliant opportunity for you and a few girlfriends to consider starting one.

Travel Tip: If travel is on your horizon, reach out ahead of time to bike shops and trail advocacy groups in the area you're visiting about women's rides. It’s a fantastic way to meet local women and pedal alongside them as they kindly share their trails. New friends in new riding destinations: Score!

WHAT TO EXPECT Group rides can vary depending on the organizers, volunteer numbers and trail network. Larger group rides may offer a variety of trail options to accommodate different skill and fitness levels and some organizers even post the trails they will be riding ahead of time.

Typically women’s rides are inclusive to all women, trans and cis, as well as non-binary people and are “no drop” which means it’s a social ride where everyone waits for each other and no one gets left behind (yay)! If it’s not clearly stated, be sure to contact the organizers ahead of time so you know before you go.

On the ride expect encouraging hoots-n-hollers and social breaks with spontaneous (and random) conversations. Après-ride festivities might include a parking lot picnic or refueling together at a local gathering spot.

SHOWING UP Prior to ride day, ensure your bike is in good working order with air in the tires and arrive self-sufficient with water, snacks and flat tire essentials.

If you’re in the back of the pack, don’t sweat it. Remember, we’re all here to socialize and ride. Instead of apologizing about your speed, spread gratitude by saying “thank you for waiting.”

If you’re an experienced rider, consider volunteering as a ride lead or sweep to remember how good it feels to support other women in this awesome sport.

Don’t forget to share the bike love with a shout out of thanks to all the generous volunteers who made your group ride happen. So get ready to throw your leg over that saddle and pedal into your first women’s group ride.

POST RIDE After your ride, share your experience to inspire confidence and nudge other women to show up for the next one.

Tag us using the links below to let us know how it went!

NOTE: You can also find us on IG @thedesertdose.

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