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Finding the Fun Lines

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

With our first retreat in the rear view, we are hitting pause to reflect on the magic that transpired over the course of spending 4 days and 3 nights together on the western slope of Colorado.

What we know for certain is that none of us are the same person we were last Thursday at noon. And, none of us wanted any of it to end. You know those moments in life that fill you up so much that you want to bottle it all up? You’re so immersed and fully present that time stands still? Yep, this was definitely one of them. While we began as strangers, 4 days later we departed as old friends.

We played bikes, we engaged in community building and made time for self-reflection while hammocking. We hooted and hollered for each other (especially for Linda). We laughed with abandon while playing summer camp-like games. Yes, we were a bit ridiculous at times. We certainly didn’t take ourselves too seriously.

These brave women stepped out of their comfort zones time and time again, and in doing so they discovered the fun lines on the trail. We could feel and see their mindsets shifting in real time as they pedaled to a new version of themselves.

Reframing their limiting beliefs, they stopped apologizing for taking up space and rode through trail features they once thought weren’t possible. They embraced the process of growth, were open to being vulnerable and shared their personal stories fireside.

We planted the seed of potential in these women and shared the gift of believing in themselves.

Perhaps the words shared by one of our participants sums it up the best:

“I wish every female rider could have the opportunity to experience this retreat.”

Inspired by these brave women and filled with gratitude for this opportunity to empower others, we forge onward, to plan more magic for our upcoming May retreat.

Cover Photo by Natalie Starr

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