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Cast A Vote For Your Future Self

Each day we get a new chance to make choices and cast a vote towards our future self. Over time, these cumulative choices have a tremendous impact on who we become. These choices, or actions, are deeply affected by both our thoughts and our words, which are the foundation of our mindset. An integral component of The Desert Dose is bringing awareness to our mindset and examining the power of our own words, especially our self-talk.

Bringing our attention to the words we choose to use is an absolute game changer. - Spring 2022 Participant

Becoming intentional about our words starts with awareness and drawing attention to when and how we use our words. How are the words we choose supporting our growth? What effects do they have on us? Being that it's February, time is on your side to harness the power of your language and self-talk as the spring approaches.

Which brings me to the simplicity and power of a Word Cloud. If you haven’t created one yet, it’s a simple way to visually display words in various shapes and patterns. The more a specific word appears, the bigger and bolder it appears in the Word Cloud. There are several free online tools to generate your own and there’s no hard and fast rules to Word Clouding. The beautiful thing is you can apply it to any area of your life from athletic pursuits, personal growth, family and/or career aspirations.

The benefit of Word Clouding is that we get easy access to affirmations we want to draw our attention to which helps us to cast a vote towards our more awesome future self.

Word Cloud Do Now Activity:

In 8 minutes or less, complete the following steps:

  1. Brainstorm a list of words that inspire you to take action (e.g., ride your bike, run, walk, stretch, eat whole foods) and/or make you feel amazing, confident, capable and strong like the incredible human you already are.

  2. Create Your Word Cloud. Go to and sign up for a free account (no strings attached). Enter up to 5 words in your Word Cloud.

  3. Display It. Print it out or download / screenshot it and put it in a place(s) where you will see it daily (e.g., fridge, bathroom mirror, set as your phone background / screensaver, at your workspace, etc).

  4. Friends & Family. Pass this blog along to your friends or family members so they get to join in.

  5. Share It Out. Making your aspirations public allows others an opportunity to support and encourage you along the way and it also gives them permission to share their own story. Here are a few sharing suggestions:

Making your affirmations using a Word Cloud is a simple and immediate step towards your future self. Put your Word Cloud in a location where you’ll be able to see it daily (e.g., bathroom mirror, fridge, desk area, night stand, etc). Feel free to edit your Word Cloud when it needs updating so that it continues to align with who you want to become.

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